Flab To Abs Summer Slim Down!

Flab To Abs Summer Slim Down!

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Sick of the scale determining what your victories are? Are you wanting to see results in a different way? Then this is the challenge for YOU! VIP Members have the opportunity to participate in this 6 week abs transformation challenge. In addition to your bootcamp classes you will get:

  • Access to really effective core and ab specific workouts to follow at home on your BBBC App - these will supplement your current classes
  • “Abs are made in the Kitchen” meal plan
  • Access to a private group so that you can stay accountable to your diet, exercises and get daily tips and motivation
  • Opportunity to bring a friend to classes*
  • Access to a *SPECIAL* Abs Event on July 29th

Grand Prize: ONE FREE MONTH OF TRAINING** + Pure Paleo Protein or Pure Pea Protein

2nd Place Prize: HALF OFF ONE MONTH OF TRAINING + Pure Paleo Protein or Pure Pea Protein


*Friends will be limited to 2 free sessions. If your friends signs up for a long term membership, you EACH will get $50 towards your membership. For Studio members free classes will be subject to availability.

**You will receive one week of Bootcamp or Small Group Training, depending on the one you are currently signed up for

***Minimum 15 participants required.